Lao Oral History Archive

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Project Team


Steve Arounsak
Media Director
Dr. Arounsak oversees graphic design, webpage design, film editing, and sound editing.

Ian Baird
Human Geography Project Consultant
Dr. Baird advises the project team in relation to objectives, themes, and interview techniques.

Prany Sananikone
Humanities Advisor
Mr. Sananikone contacts potential interviewees, and act as a Lao-English translator throughout the project.

Alisak Sanavongsay
Web Systems Specialist
Mr. Sanavongsay manages webpage setup and coding, maintaining the site and providing all tech support.

Phoumy Sayavong

Project Assistant
Dr. Sayavong participates in all phases of LOHA, including project design, research methodologies, pre-interview contact and post-interview surveys.

Vinya Sysamouth
Project Director
Dr. Sysamouth is in charge of research, design, implementation and overall management of LOHA.

Oun Thavonekham
Humanities Adviser/Project Consultant
Mr. Thavonekham helps coordinate interviews and select interviewees.


Kim Delevett
Project Adviser/Consultant
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